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About me

My name is Adam Shelbaya Abdel Wahab, born and raised in Denmark with roots from Egypt. I’m a 30 year old self-taught passionate creative UX/UI Designer. Living in Copenhagen (Amager).

I’m blessed with a god given talent within graphic design and user experience design. I used to think that me dropping out of 7th grade and learning things differently than others would be my weakness. But all of a sudden I found out it was my strength, because it made me think different.

I get a lot of my inspiration from a lot of things, it can be music, good vibes & energies, and websites such as Behance, dribbble, and google chrome’s extention “Müzli” that showcases a lot of awesome stuff from designers all over the world with an incredible mindblowing way of doing their things.

As a person i’m positive, social, happy, and a dreamchaser. I lived in New York back in 2013 and been traveling a lot since then.

I recently worked as a UX/UI Designer for DRIVR, and i accomplished to make their new website and brand identity.